Tuesday 19.03:

Today I have been writing about Molly most of the time. I made the to do list for her 18th birthday. I spent quite long time on that because I was trying to get the pictures the way I wanted them to be.
I also started on a letter from 1982 (or something), but I didn't have the imagination to come up with anything there. So the letter is short and unfinished.

This was my first time working with both flickr and wikidot, so I spent some time to figure out how to use these to sites. I think both of them are very good to use in class, so I am glad we are learning about it. I hope my pupils are going to be more creative than I have been today. It is hard to come up with something. Therefore, this is good to use because you can write just one or two words, and then move on to something else.

The two picutres of the goats are just me trying to use google and flickr to find pictures that are legal to use. Important to learn and something I have never thought of before.

Friday March 22:
Today I have written about Sheila and made her an own page. After that I removed the page "Help needed at Kingston's Groceries". The information on the page I removed, I pasted into a new page called Kingston's Groceries.

We have also talked about the assignment 6 and where we can find different tools to do the assignement - very helpful! There are so many things out there that I don't know of that as very helpful.

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