Today we have been working with a internet-based program called 'wikidot.' Inside wikidot me and my classmates have been writing a story about a girl named tracy. An advantage with this program is that we can work in a collaborative way where we write on different categories, and togheter we create an adequate history. We can also go in and correct grammatical and syntactical errors made by classmates. I've also learn that pictures have a lot of strict copyrights, and you must be aware of what usage a certain picture has before you use it. I thougt it was a bit diffficult to insert pictures into a wikidot-page. Everything learned today about wikidot was new to me. It thought it was a bit bewildering to see what work my classmates did in the process, so i could be wiseful to have a colour to each person on the right side, just like in 'piratepad'

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