Friday 15'th of March
To day we have learned how to use I have never tried it before so this was new for me. I haven`t worked that much on the internett before so I like doing this because it gives me an introduction in different tools that we can use with kids later. I think that wikidot is easy to work with so I think this is something that we can use in school later.


19`th of March
To day i have made the grandparents recipe and started on the fact sheet on Brent. I have also tried to make a gallery, so i have been lucking for codes. That was not easy, and i didnt find anyone that worked.

I have learn more about how to use wikidot, and codes that could be smart to know. I also learn how to find pictures that we can use. When i have used pictures before i havent really been thinking about the fact that this pictures are not for everyone to use.!

Sissel and I have been talking that wikidot could be used when the pupils have about the space. They could have a planet each to write about or stars and so one..

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