Help Needed at Kingston's Groceries

There is one position available as a store employee with responsibilities connected to the daily life in the best store in the country, surrounded by happy people in a great atmosphere. One of the most important demand is that you are smiling more than you are sulking. You should also have a passion for jamaican music, since it plays all day long in the store. The salary is heavily based on your effort and there are opportunities to earn good money, if you got what it takes.

There is also supposed to be a position opened as a computer nerd in our internet based store. You are expected to have a pimpled face and without worries for your own body hygiene. That way we know that you are a skillfull data person without other disturbing elements in your life. Since we know from experience that a proper data man does not enjoy daylight, we are open to meet on skype for a chat. Please send an electronic message for details.

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