Jamaican Heritage

Tracy is one of 800.000 people in England with Jamaican heritage.

Today, Tracy lives in the Brent district in London, and she is one of the 250 000 people living in the city who has Jamaican heritage. Several riots have occurred between the police and the Jamaican immigrants in the area, and for many years the people have had a bad reputation, but today Tracy and her Jamaican friends live in "peace" with the police. Many of Tracy's Jamaican friends have struggled to get jobs of their own.

The Jamaican national day is on the 6th of August. The Jamaican community are very proud of their heritage, and many Jamaicans participates in the yearly parade in London. This parade can be compared to 17th may-parade here in Norway. On this day, Tracy's family invite several families over to their house in order to celebrate. All mothers bring with them some well-known Jamaican cuisine.

Sometimes Tracy and her family visit her ancestors that lives in Kingston The city is the largest city in Jamaica and also the capital. Kingston has nearly 1 millions inhabitants.
The weather in Jamaica is quite different from the weather in England. The climate in Jamaica is tropical with very hot and humid weater. Therefore Tracy and her family loves to cool down in the sea.

Sport is an important part of the Jamaican heritage and they are well-known of having many world-class athletes in track and field. Usain Bolt is the record holder in the 100m for men, and Usain is regarded as the fastest person ever lived. Tracy was lucky and got an autograph from Bolt under the Olympics in London, 2012. She keep her autograph laminated in her room.


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