Jamaican Poems

Silent Jamaicans

By Margaret Juliet Bailey
Writer/Entrepreneur, Maggie's Poetic Delights
Published Sep 10, 2012

The rumour mill talks about Jamaicans
dying in 9/11, yet, it was never broadcasted,
No one knew our Nationals went to heaven,
They talked about the Canadians, the English
and the Muslims, but our humble Jamaicans
were forgotten,

Sixteen Jamaicans to be exact, and they were
never burdens on anyone's backs,
The voice of the dead Jamaicans lay dormant and silent,
Their names weren't even mentioned to bring peace
and contentment,

The media made it a point to talk about Al'Qaeda's
conversion to the Jamaican culture, but our peoples'
bodies were blown up as if they were nameless vultures,
Nine Eleven was a sad day in World History,
not Jamaican or American, an International

The spirit of the "Silent Jamaicans" are being pacified
by a memorial at Hanover Square,
Buried and hidden, discreetly as if they were never here,
Anonymous bodies, without names or profiles,
perceived as, just some people who got blown up and died.

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