John is a 20 years old student who lives in London. He studies physics, but what he really wants to be is a doctor.

John was born in Great Britain, but has a multicultural background. His father's family came from Jamaica in the late 1950's. John is proud of being a Jamaican, he loves to eat Jamaican food, and he also enjoys dancing while listening to reggae music with his friends. Occasionally he smokes marijuana, but only when he is partying. John was introduced to marijuana when he was in ……

John is a big fan of Michael Jackson, and does not go anywhere without his hat. He has been a fan since he was 15 years old. Even though he loves Michael Jackson, reggae is his favourite music genre.

John is in love with Tracy Kingston. He fell in love with her a year ago. They met at a shopping mall with some common friends. Tracy is not interested in John as a boyfriend, raher just as a friend, but John is still hopelessly in love with her. He made a plan so that she would come around and fall in love with him. The plan was that John would join this flag-thing so that he could be together with Tracy and spend more time with her.

John's diary (excerpts 2012)
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