Jonathan Barley (born 13.august 1968) is a very good friend of Sheila Lakshmi. He was born in the seaside town Blackpool, in the north-western part of England. Jonathan was hanging at the wrong side of the law when he was a teenager, but his mother sent him to a boarding school in Norwich in order to straighten him up. The school turned Jonathan into a young handsome man with good manners. Mr.Barley continued to the Oxford University when he was 20 years old, but was mistankely kicked out when the school police found big amounts of drugs in his room. Further on, Jonathan was spending a lot of time with computers. When the world wide web became public for most people, Jonathan invested a lot of money in courses that helped ordinary people master the big internet. Jonathan made a lot of money, and began spending money in the real estate marked where he also enjoyed big success. Jonathan was soon one of Britains richest persons, but he was spending more time on his job than on love. One day Jonathan met Sheila Lakshmi on a computer course, and he instantly knew that she was "the one". The only problem was that Sheila didn't agree because she was madly in love with the old pensioned firefighter, Jasper. Jonathan was afraid of losing Sheila, so he offered himself to sponsor her music career, but with certain physical advantages, and Sheila responded positively on the offer. Jonathan soon found out that Sheila's musical talent was absent, but he kept spending a lot of money on fancy clothes, studio booking and on several music videos for her. Today Jonathan is going to a phsyciatrist in order to stop spending his fortune on Sheila Lakshmi. He hasn't yet made any progress.
Here is one of Sheila's videos:

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