Friday 15th of march:
Today I learned about wikidot.com. I actually enjoyed this program and I think I will make use of this in other settings.

I enjoyed doing this task, and I liked how much you can do on wikidot. I did edit some textmaterial on this TRACY KINGSTON document, but because of my extreme headache my fantasy SUCKS.

Tuesday 19th of March
Today I have written lots of stuff, on many of these sites, but my fantasy is bad, and I lose the thread after few minutes. I think it is difficult to write on a document that I'm not writing on my own, I think I would have been able to fantasize more on my own without any viewers. Often the documents I want to edit, is already taken and therefore I write things because it's the only option left, and I don't have the imagination to create a new genre to write in.

I hope it'll get easier to write later this week, because I'm not so happy about my contributions right now….

I like using wikidot, it is a nice tool I think.. If I would use this in class, I'm not sure of, but maybe.. someday, with pupils in year 5-7 I think.

I'm starting to get fed up with Tracy and her family… And I have no imagination or fantasy left to write something about them….

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