Marcel (brother)

Marcel is Tracy's older brother.

Tracy is a huge football supporter and her favorite football team is Arsenal. Marcel is not happy about this fact, and many family dinners have been destroyed as a result of heavy discussions taking place by the kitchen table. Marcel is one of London's biggest Manchester United supporters, and it is a big problem for him that his litter sister follows boring Arsenal. Marcel feels he has failed his sister, and to make this up he's been making a plan for several years. Marcel's girlfriend for many years, Holly, is eager to get married and she's been waiting for Marcel to propose. Marcel's big plan is to propose to Holly at Old Trafford, and he wants his family members to be present at the moment. He hopes this special occasion will make his sister Tracy to realize her own best, and convert to Manchester United.
Marcel's favourite football player is Wayne Rooney and he is training every day in order to become as good as him. Marcel's father is worried about the health of his hopeful, since rooneys BMI is far above average. He suspects that Marcel takes after rooneys eating habits and thus he becomes more expensive in operation in daily life.

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