Is from Frogner, a little place outside of Oslo.

I'm 24 years old and I am studing to become a teacher!


Friday 15th of March!

Today we started working on the wikidot page. It is real interesting to see how a page takes form, and that several people could take apart in the making.

It is fun when it's not about how much you can about computers and coding, but that it is easy and it's helpful for us. This is a tool I could take use of in a class, and with project such as storyline. It is also possible to use this site for projects where the pupils show their hobbies and so on.

I found my self edition several pages, I started on one, then went along to the next one. When I lost the inspiration, i just started on a new page.

I Like working this way, It is new and fun! And I wondring how the final product will look!

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