Molly (sister)

Molly is Tracy's little sister, she is the youngest of three siblings. Molly has black hair and brown eyes.

Molly had birthday last tuesday, she is now a teenager. She has been looking forward to becoming a teenager, because then her parents won't be as strict as they were before.

Molly has a lot of future plans, she wants to become a model when she gets older. She got a camera for her birthday and since last tuesday, Molly and her best friend Lissie has been taking a lot of pictures. Molly loves loves to put make-up on, dress up and be infront of a camera.

Molly's text messages to best friend Lissie (14 February 2013)
Molly's Christmas Wish List (2012)
Molly's to do list when she's 18 years old

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