Mr Lakshmi

Waffeq, closest to the camera. This picture was taken three weeks before disapearing.

There is not much information about Sheila's father, Wafeeq. He left the family when the youngest child was borned and no one heard from him since. When he was present, he worked as a salesman for a printer manufacturer, wich meant that he was mostly on the road spending little time with his beloved family. He was a hard working man, according to the owner of the printer manufacturer, and won several 'salesman of the week' awards. However, he suddenly begins to show up late for work and excused himself by saying that the newborn was sick. After a month with this behaviour, the owner had no other choice but to kick Wafeeq from his position at the manufacturer.

Two weeks after the deposition he doesent show up at home and dissapears. His wife tells us that he acted strangely the last couple of days before he disappeared. He always stressed and rarely spoke with her. She overheard a conversation he did on the phone and could clearly hear that he was very upset. She tried to confront him right after the phone conversation, but he just slammed the door on her and drove away in their Toyota. The Toyota was later found outside his former workplace and brought to the nearest police station for further investigation. During the investigation, the police found traces of blood in the car's trunk. The blood was not recognized, but the police suspected it to belong to a former mafia member. The car was later returned to the family.


Police picture

The invvestigation was later on closed because of the lack of further leads.

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