Sheila Lakshmi is a 40 year old woman who now lives in London. She moved from the city Mumbai in India to Britain when she was 25. Sheila was born in a small village outside Dehli, called Kumhar Gram. She grew up in a poor family with seven siblings. She was the oldest one of them and had to look after her borthers and sisters when her mother, Fajyaz, was at work. Her dad left the family when the youngest child was born and they haven't heard from him since. This was a big tragedy for the family and Sheila had to take huge responsibility for handling the situation.

Sheila was a huge moviestar in Bollywood and has had the lead role in many movies. The most famous ones are called "Aankhen" and "Baazigar". Especially the second one was seen upon as a breakthrough for her actress career. She earned a lot of money and she could help her family with the financial problems. She was nominated for Bollywoods FilmFare Award in 1994 without winning. After that she had problems getting jobs in India, so she decided to try her luck in England.

Fajyaz, Sheila's mother, died in a car accident because of a brake failure to their Toyota two years ago in the capital of India under mysterious circumstances. The police thinks that Fajyaz was killed by the mafia. The investigation was closed because of threats to the police station. This has been huge news in India because of Sheila's position in film industry, and the press is following a tip of corruption that involves big names in central positions in the Goverment.

Indian news forums are speculating on wether Sheila was heavily involved in the mafia with selling drugs to children. A sail supposely went wrong and she was promised revenge by one of the mafia leaders.

While Sheila worked as an actress, she was studying part-time at a university and she has a Bachelor's degree in computer technology. That is why she is applying for this daytime -computerjob in the Kingston's Groceries. In the evening she is updating her computer skills at a computer course, and she's hoping to have a better job in the future. The job in the Kingston's Groceries will be a good place to start so that she gets some practice.

Beside her work and course, she wants to make it as a reggae artist. Her good friend Jonathan has sponsored her with a lot of money, but she still haven't got the major breaktrough. Her new album 'Bollywood stories' sold only 1500 copies. It was her father that bought most of them.

Sheila has many friends, most of them Indian friends who also immigrated from Mumbai when Lakshmi did. Every friday they go out to the local bar named after the hindu god 'Ganesha'. The friends are very important to Sheila and she loves fridays.

Sheila is happy about her life in London. She recently fell in love with Jasper who is 50 years old and a former firefighter that got injured in a terrible accident 5 years ago.
Sheila's kids ,12 year old Gagan and 9 year old Nabhi likes Jasper. He always takes care of them when Sheila is updating her computer skills in the evenings.

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