Today we have lerarned about I think it has been interessting to learn about this because we can use it as teachers. I think that "Tracy" is not that interesting topic, but in school you can ask the pupils to come up with ideas about a topic they want to write and learn more about. Since I did not find any topics I would write about, I created a link about Tracey's horse. Even if the pupils dose not find any links they want to write about they can create a new one.

Some ideas in the class room. Different topics in groups. I think that a class can use this to make a wiki about their class.


Today I have learned more about how to use pictures published on the internet. I think this has been very helpful and something to think about. If I would used this in class I think the children have to be good with computers, because it can be complicated. But it depends on the pupils skills before you start a project like this. But picure use like this you can practise with your pupis in Word.

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